True Quality Over Quantity

Beauty Really Is More Than Skin Deep

True quality of construction goes much deeper than the superficial application of fancy trim and the inclusion of designer appliances. In order to build a real high-quality home that will stand the test of time going forward, your builder will need a greater understanding of advanced construction technology. In an ever-changing world where energy sources will be scarce, your builder will need to understand how to build a real super-insulated home to minimize energy consumption. In order for your home to last and not harm its natural surroundings, your builder needs to understand how to manage the water resources impacting your property and its impact on those resources. In order for your home to support an environment that is beneficial to your family’s health, your builder needs to understand all of the factors that ultimately determine the air quality in your home.

Kingsbury Homes has already built award-winning homes with double-stud walls, exterior continuous rigid insulation, heat recovery fresh air ventilation, advanced drainage systems, and was conducting blower door tests long before they were required by the current building code. We are continually evaluating new products and methods and understand what it takes to construct a true high-quality home that you will cherish for a lifetime.


Ready To Custom Build?

Explore Your Options With Us

Kingsbury Homes is available to custom build your dream home on your own site or land that you plan to purchase. Your home can be built to your exact specifications on either a fixed-price contract or construction management basis to fit your lifestyle and budget.

The fixed-price contract provides a set guaranteed price on the site work, building structure, and major systems with budget allowances for the interior finishes, fixtures, and options. This method works best in those cases where strict adherence to a budget is needed but does require that most selections are made in advance of the contract execution.

The construction management contract, otherwise known as cost-plus, provides for the most transparent and flexible arrangement. This is essentially an open book contract where the homeowner is provided with copies of each and every invoice and bid. A detailed estimate is provided at the beginning of the project and the homeowner is free to make more changes along the way.

Site Acquisition & Evaluation

Rest Assured In Our Experience

Are you still looking for that perfect site for your new dream home? Are you thinking about repurposing your current home site or another property? Kingsbury Homes has extensive experience in property acquisition. We can assist you in finding the right property, conducting soil testing, researching zoning issues, and making sure the proper preliminary engineering has been done. Buying land can be a truly nerve-wracking experience and a risky undertaking without the proper guidance. We can represent and guide you through the land acquisition making sure that your interests are fully protected.

Kingsbury Homes is also actively seeking development sites and investment partners.